Welcome to my world!

Hello reader. You are probably here because you are interested in what I am up to in the Mozilla world, more specifically how the Mozilla Calendar Project is doing. First of all I’d like to tell you a bit about myself so you can get a feeling for what to expect here.

As children often do, I’ve had a number of technical ideas in my childhood. The most related one is my wish to make organizing life as easy as possible. I wanted to have a solution where I can manage my time anywhere I am — be it via cell phone, PC or maybe even something exotic like looking in the mirror. Back then it was very hard to achieve this, but nowadays there are iPhones, laptops (that fit my budget) and mobile internet is probably getting cheaper as we speak.

After having tried Sunbird for a brief moment before, I read about a calendar testday with prizes (yes, that always works ;-). I decided to show up. After the testday was over I was one of the top testers for that day and received a prize. Afterwards I took a little closer look into the application and quickly found things I though I’d like to improve, and so I did.

After working on the Provider for Google Calendar, noticed there were still certain aspects of the Provider that I couldn’t synchronize with the application. This got me into fixing core calendar code, which soon got me into getting to know the team, and later on I was encouraged to apply for a job at Sun.

I’m having a great time at Sun and just recently I was appointed the new lead for the Calendar Project. Since especially in my role it is important to keep in touch with the community and users, I’ve decided to start this blog. I plan to introduce you to some new ideas and vision I’ve been having that might just make your life a bit easier and could bring me closer to my childhood dreams. I’ll leave the more technical posts to the Calendar Weblog, but once in a while you might also hear of an idea for an extension I have (hands on, implementation is up to you ;-) or I’ll introduce a new extension I have created.

Since the success of the product is very dependent on what those who use it think, I’d like to encourage you to tell me whats on your mind regarding Calendar. Tell me about your childhood dreams and what you think is the most important aspect of calendaring. I can’t promise that I’ll sit down right away and add your favorite feature, but your feedback will help me form the future of the Calendar Project.

So go ahead, leave a comment, write me an email, ask me on #calendar. The future of Calendar is waiting for you — get involved!